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Best solutions for a lifetime for weight loss. Fat freezing sessions from AED 199.

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Option 1: Emsculpting 1 area for 30 mins - AED 199
Option 2: Emsculpting 1 area for 1 hour - AED 249
Option 3: Full body Detoxification 1 session for 45 mins - AED 199   
Option 4: Full body Detoxification 2 sessions for 45 mins each - AED 249
Option 5: Emsculpting 1 area for 1 hour - AED 249
Option 6: Fat Freezing/Cryolipolysis Treatment 2 applicator for 35 mins - AED 275 per session
Option 7: Fat Freezing/Cryolipolysis Treatment 3 applicator for 35 mins - AED 375 per session
Option 8: Fat Freezing/Cryolipolysis Treatment 4 applicator for 35 mins - AED 475 per session
Option 9: Ultrasonic Cavitation 1 area for 30 mins - AED 299
Option 10: Ultrasonic Cavitation 2 areas for 60 mins - AED 499
Option 11: RF Cavitation 1 area for 30 mins - AED 299
Option 12: RF Cavitation 1 area for 60 mins - AED 499
Many women & men spend years of their lives trying to achieve the perfect body, and this journey can often be disappointing, 
despite trying different techniques of diets and exercise. We, at HMS Fat Freezing Slimming Therapy center, are here to tell you that it is possible 
to have the body that you have always dreamed of and we're here to help you achieve your dream.
Benefits of fat freezing Treatment:
lose upto 5kg in 1month
Reduce the dimensions of your entire body at the same time.
Improve your figure, shape and body contour
Lessen stubborn fat
Get professional guidance
Constant motivation
Adds strength to your body
Improving cardiovascular efficiency
Decrease in blood pressure
Reduced risk of developing cardiovascular problems and metabolic diseases
Reduction of LDL (bad cholesterol), triglycerides and accumulated visceral fat
Greater energy and responsiveness
Increased lean body mass and reduced fatty mass
Increasing the efficiency of fat and carbohydrate use in food
Increased metabolism and energy expenditure even at rest
Benefits of detoxification:
Prevention of chronic diseases
Stronger immunity
Assistance in losing stagnant weight
Improved quality of life
Increased energy
Radiant, glowing skin
Bright, clear eyes
Mental clarity
Balanced emotions
Improved self-confidence and empowerment
New healthy habits and routines
Improved longevity


  • For more information on how to buy the voucher call 056-2224014
  • Valid for 30 days from the date of purchase 
  • Valid for men and women 
  • Timings:
  • Sat - Thurs 9 AM - 8 PM
  • Fri - 2 PM - 10 PM
  • Mobile vouchers are accepted
  • Prior booking and cancellation requires 48 hours of advance notice 
  • No Refund and No Extention
  • Prior booking required at least 24 hours in advance; Subject to availability

HMS Fat Freezing slimming Therapy Center


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Tel: +971 562224014

Contact Hours : Sat-Thu
10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

Email: [email protected]

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